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Innerversity Advancements

Activate Your Uniqueness

Everyone has something special they can do, this is the fruit on their own tree. When discovering this fully they can do it tirelessly while truly contributing their essence to the world.

The Innerversity has developed real metaphysical education based on the experience of Adepts worldwide. Expand your awareness, develop a conscious career, and connect with your Tribe.

Activate with

Ancient Technology

There are thousands of books and courses on occultism out there and we have distilled the most effective knowledge into a system that is incomparable to other spiritual sources.

the manifestation
We designed a completely mindful ecosystem now we need your help to scale it.

Over a decade on the frontline of consciousness allows us to design conscious tools based on experience. 

Conscious social network and spiritual ecosystem with an emphasis on interaction and accountability.

Metaphysical education and multidisciplinary. You are here now.

Automated cryptocurrency trader. Set it and forget it.

Metaphysical Education


Secret Energy teaches mastery in the most pertinent fields of human activation and conscious entrepreneurship.

Browse individual courses from the Innerversity or access the entire library with a Mentorship Plan.

Unite with

Your Tribe

In these times you need powerful Beings with you that resonate the Truth. Our social network features allow you to actually connect and meet up with with Co-Creators worldwide.

Technologies for a Mindful Future

Our charge is to repurpose advance technologies for the use of the metaphysical growth of our Tribe. Funding this project internally safeguards our members and the future of our faction. It also empowers our growth and that of millions in the conscious community. It ensures more Seekers across the world can access metaphysical content that has been curated for accuracy with integrity from our hearts.

Utilize Ennealogy

Metaphysical Analytics

Imagine restoring the universal language to your conscious and reading your energetic field with the mastery of truly being able to control your next destination in infinity.

Our Creations

Over a Decade of Mindfulness

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