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You're here because you want to grow; we have a passion for cultivation.  Love your unique difference and make your way in the Cosmos with it

This is about full expression, the deprogramming of limitation, and KNOWING what you came here to pioneer & enhance
Sevan Bomar 
Dean of the Innerversity





The Metaphysical landscape of the world has changed; this is the new legend pioneering Sovereignty

3 Masterclasses, 88+ Lectures & detailed visual blueprints of regenerative Arcana

This is Cosmic alchemy mobile and futurized

An infallible blueprint of Microcosmic & Macrocosmic forces


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Battling the Monkey Mind?

Making major moves requires decisions and some questions may arise, here are some popular answers. If you still need support contact us.

Yes, The Innerversity certifies its students in Metaphysics. You will receive a certification of completion from us for each Semester you complete. 

Indefinitely for courses that have one premium such as the Innerversity. Course that are monthly must be maintained in order to gain continuous access. 

Yes, we have a dedicated Innerversity support group available 24/7 via cellular device. You can also check out our helpdesk and if you have any question or concerns press the button located to the bottom. 


Many courses come with manuals and images, you will be able to download and store those materials for future offline review. The video lectures, however, are protect from replication by not allowing direct downloading.  


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