About Us

Neo-Universalism: A system of belief conducted around the Mind, Body, and Soul of its adherents which promotes the discovery of commonality between the actual Universe and all of its lifeforms.
Neo-Universalism produces its doctrines from the Planetary Laws, Conjunctions, Geometry, Frequency and various factual integers.

We Are

A team of Neo-Universalists, Alchemists, and Adepts united in the cause of restoring and maintaining balance to the Living Organism. We are a bridge to enlightenment through authentic actions driven by the full intention of liberating minds. This we do while being gratuitous when considering one another's’ spiritual expansion over material gain.

Our energetic potential on all levels is unfathomable and remains as such until it can be experienced without prejudice by the many facets of creation in tandem. When we take responsibility to rouse our neighbor to discover their unique gift and contribution to our existence we then take our stations in a much larger Ship akin to true relation”ships”, friend”ships”, partner”ships” etc.

Our Research Fields

Our research fields include but are not limited to:
Human Quantum Field Activation, Alchemy, Hypnosis, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinetics/Psychokinetics, Psychometrics, Precognition, Remote Viewing, Radionics, Psychotronics, Hyper-Lumionics, Hyper-Physics, Holo-Symbolics, Non-Local Mechanics, Quantum Subspace Torsion, HyperTemporal Physics, Tachyonic Energy Bombardment, Psionic Bio-Cybernetics, HyperScalar Interferometry, HyperScalar Electromagnetic Apportation, Inter-Dimensional Manifolds, Quantum Consciousness Resonance, Morphic System Signatures, Tetrahedral Cognition Systems, Trans-Dimensional Spiritronics, Soul and Dimensional Bodies, Soul Transfer Control Systems (afterlife), Zero Point Volitional Quantum Materialization, Universal Archetypal Co-creation Channels, Mass-Quantum Evolutionary Bio-Physics, and Organic Grid Restructuring.

Our Founder

Sevan Bomar is a Metaphysician and Specialist in lifestyle advancement, finance, and self-development. He is a serial entrepreneur creating social platforms & consumer electronics that accelerate consciousness including Secret Energy and PhiAqua®.

Born in Detriot Michigan and raised in Oceanside California he had a unique childhood that blended the two extremes of advanced spirituality and technology. After a series of events, accounted in detail in his personal memoirs, he was able to receive and decipher several codes embedded in the language, symbolism, and reality around us. Armed with this awareness he authored the book, The Code to the Matrix, an occult linguistic primer which went viral upon its release. This blueprint after several stages of refinement has become the foundation for many in gaining a strong bearing of what exactly is happening on earth on all levels of importance.

The primary purpose of creating Ambassador Training is to cultivate the uniqueness of our Aspirants in order to produce the next harmonic leaders of art and industry. We recognize the lack of conscious connections in key places necessary to catapult a major projection and we utilize our vast network to integrate and/or form those ties.  Sovereignty through sustainability is the primary focus while we help you succeed in your goal of reaching fulfillment. 

Sevan specializes in this with his unique approach pioneering over a decade of open source spirituality while sharing knowledge and applications with thousands of members. The networks he has been instrumental in creating span across the world with Seekers from all walks of life everywhere on the globe.

We are all United in Harmony! 


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